At this present time Overstone Scout Campsite & Activity Centre has ten campsites in use, plus a hammock site and two fields.

In the interest of safety, facility requirements (toilets / showers), available space for self-run activities and free time, the maximum number of users for on site for residential experiences will be monitored, managed and capped, subject to the type of booking to ensure that everyone using Overstone Scout Campsite & Activity Centre has a safe, fun filled and adventurous stay.

The maximum number of users for each area for residential experiences is shown below.

The Cub Field (Top Field) – 250 Campers

The New Field (Bottom Field) – 200 Campers

Wren – Hammock Site – 24 Hammocks

Based on the size of each campsite it has been estimated that is sufficient room for the numbers shown below to camp based on the appropriate number of 4-person tents for Young People, individual Leaders tents and a mess tent.

It should be noted that Elm Campsite does not automatically come with the booking of Knights Lodge and must be booked separately.

Elm – 30 Campers Fir – 20 Campers
Oak – 36 Campers Ash – 14 Campers
Crow – 36 Campers Dove – 26 Campers
Hawk – 50 Campers Lark – 24 Campers
Owl – 40 Campers Jay – 16 Campers

To check for bookings and availability please use the following link. Camp Site Bookings and Availability

Hire prices from April 2023 until March 2024 can be found at Price Lists – April 2023 – March 2024

For bookings enquiries, questions or any queries please contact the Booking Secretary on,