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The asbestos survey was carried out in December 2021.

General Recommendations

A management survey is designed to give the information to enable the Duty Holder to develop their Management Plan and, following any remediation measure, to help ensure the premises can be occupied safely.

The information in this report must be shared with those users of the building that may affect the ACM such as maintenance staff. CAR 2012 requires appropriate and routine training of all those who may in the course of the duties, disturb asbestos.

Prior to any opening up in refurbishment works which would affect the fabric of the building a Refurbishment and Demolition (R&D) Survey undertaken. If works are planned, it is likely that On Advice is able to upgrade this Management to an R&D survey most cost effectively.

All work on or affecting ACMs must be carried out in accordance with current legislation.

Specific Recommendations

The ceiling in the Royal Building has a bowing ceiling and this should be inspected more regularly than the other items.

The remainder should be inspected every 12-18 months.

The ACMs good condition, Asbestos Cement, Thermoplastic Floor Tiles, Composite Cistern and Gasket elements will not give rise to any health risk during typical use of the premises. Special account need to be taken prior to any works or if any damage should occur. Items should be inspected regularly as part the the an overarching Asbestos Management Plan.

NB – It should be noted that the PHC, The Royal & Will Smith Chalet are not available for use.