Clarification – Smoking at Overstone & District Locations

Date: 15th Feb 2024 Author: Malcolm Dyer

Clarification with regards to the issue of smoking (which includes vaping) on-site at Overstone.  Please communicate to all volunteers and parents.

Buildings: All buildings at Overstone are, by law, non-smoking.

Outside Areas: It is the policy of the District that adults should refrain from smoking/vaping around young people.  While the outside spaces of Overstone are not strictly non-smoking, we ask all adults coming on-site when young people are present to refrain from smoking/vaping.

Entrance/Exit Gates: We ask that adults refrain from smoking/vaping in/around the entrance/exit gates to the site, for two reasons.  First, it’s not the safest place to stand, as the area provides vehicular access for three gateways.  Second, it does not present a good image for Scouting.

For other District locations, the indoor areas are similarly non-smoking by law.  As with the note above regarding the entrance/exit gates for Overstone, it is similarly asked that people refrain from smoking around the properties.  This includes Fernie Fields and Ivy Road.