About us

Overstone Scout Campsite & Activity Centre is available for use by Scouts, Guides and other uniformed youth organisations as well as schools, church groups and other youth organisations

About Us

Overstone Scout Campsite & Activity Centre was founded in November 1927 when Northampton Scouts purchased a field of 4 acres 1 rood for £200. Since then it has always aimed to provide quality activities and accommodation to members of Northampton District Scouts, the wider Scout Family as well as other Youth Groups, Schools and Community Based Organisations

It is not available for private for commercial hire or private bookings.

Overstone Scout Campsite & Activity Centre is located in on the outskirts of Northampton within easy access of major roads. There are several accommodation blocks and plenty of camping space as well as a variety of activities making it the perfect place for a group getaway.

The Centre is maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers who keep the facility operational. As a volunteer with the Overstone Scout Campsite and Activity Centre Scout Active Support Unit, you will make a different to the lives of Young People by directly supporting Northampton District Scouts key facility by keeping it safe, secure and delivering adventurous activities for generations to come.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SASU please email malcolm.dyer@northamptonscouts.org.uk.